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Plat de viande

aboard our cruises

An essential component of your stay, gastronomy naturally takes pride of place on board


Fresh products, finely selected ingredients, refined dishes: throughout your cruise you will enjoy top-of-the-range cuisine prepared by talented Costa Chefs, sharing their passion for the Italian culinary heritage.
DAVID CRUISE is pleased to welcome you aboard its Premium Glatt Kosher cruises.

We are eager to accompany you on this magnificent adventure!
Before each departure, our Machgichim hide the kitchens, exclusively reserved for DAVID CRUISE .
New porcelain tableware is purchased with each new cruise.

You can enjoy our gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine, prepared under the strict supervision of our

Machgichim in accordance with the requirements: Chalav Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, and Bichoul Yisroel .
Each table will be set with a white linen tablecloth, a white porcelain service, silver cutlery and stemmed glasses.
Are you ready for this culinary experience?
For Breakfast , you will have the choice between a continental or Anglo-Saxon breakfast, with a variety of dishes

hot or cold, salty or sweet as well as a buffet of salads, pastries, cereals, breads and fruit.
For Lunch, during our buffet, you will have a wide choice between meat, poultry and fish, all accompanied by various vegetables.

A buffet of desserts and fruits will complete your lunch.
For those who will have a little hunger in the afternoon, a Tea Time will be offered.
For Dinner , a gourmet menu  will be proposed and served on your plate.
You will have the choice between 3 starters, 5 main courses (including meat, poultry, fish), and 2 desserts.
Without forgetting our Shabbat meals and the pleasure of savoring, in the purest tradition,

on Saturday noon, a succulent cholent in the middle of the ocean!
All meals are concocted by Costa's chefs and pastry chefs.

In the intimate atmosphere of the Samsara Gastronomic Restaurant, or in the more relaxed setting of the Main Restaurant,

you will enjoy your 5-star DAVID CRUISE cruise to delight your taste buds.

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In a luxurious & intimate setting, specially dedicated to our guests  

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