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Jewish life on board
of our kosher cruises


David Cruise's Hasga'ha is under the Supervision of

Rav Chlomo Ifrah chlita, from Aix les Bains.

You can enjoy our gourmet Glatt Cachère cuisine, prepared under the strict supervision of our

Mashgihim in accordance with the requirements: Chalov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, and Bishoul Yisroel .

David Cruise has been offering strictly Kosher cruises since 2005, to the delight of its customers.

The thousands of passengers who have already traveled with us have been able to appreciate the excellence of this Kashrut. It is in strict compliance with the rules of Kashrut edited by the Rav and his mashgihim present, that the chefs on board offer refined, generous and Glatt kosher cuisine .

Rav Ifrah Croisière cachère - David Cruise
David Cruise Premium


David Cruise invites you to share our delicious Shabbat meals, in an atmosphere of Simha and Oneg Shabbat!
Shabbat meals are prepared with fresh
and quality products.
Live the UNIQUE experience of a Shabbat in the middle of the ocean.
Share an unforgettable Shabbat with passengers from all over the world.
A Shabbat elevator will be available to you.

David Cruise wishes you Shabbat Shalom

ve Oneg Shabbat!

Restaurant Croisière cachère - David Cruise
David Cruise Premium


Throughout the cruise we have a comfortable private room as a synagogue.

A Sefer Thora is on board to ensure the readings of the parachiot during the week and on Shabbat.

The 3 daily services and Shabbat are provided by the Rav and a baal koré. Chiourims are provided by our various guests.

David Cruise Premium
Sefer Thora Croisière cachère - David Cruise
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