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Croisiere David Cruise

How do you define a “Cruise”?

A cruise is THE ONLY travel concept that allows you to discover several idyllic places in a short time without getting tired. You only need to pack your suitcase once and let yourself be transported to magnificent destinations every day. Every morning, a new landscape and discoveries await you!

Cruising has become THE most popular vacation mode.


What about a DAVID CRUISE Cruise?

DAVID CRUISE offers the opportunity to those who want to maintain their Judaism, to discover countries, cities, islands to which they could never go without our concept, in unique and luxurious conditions.

In addition, our customers take advantage of the activities offered on board: excursions, shows, games room, gym, swimming pools, spa, children's club, etc.


What about the DAVID CRUISE catering?

All meals are concocted by Costa's chefs and pastry chefs and take place in a private area, reserved exclusively for our customers.

We offer a full continental breakfast in the form of a variety of buffets.

For lunch, we offer a wide choice of starters, refined dishes, not to mention the dessert buffet and fruit.

For the 4 p.m. break, Tea Time and its sweets are planned.

Finally, in the evening, a gourmet à la carte dinner is served to your plate to delight your taste buds: a gourmet, varied and plentiful menu in an elegant and refined setting.


What Kashrut is insured by DAVID CRUISE?

An essential component of our service, our Kashrut is under the supervision of Rav Shlomo Ifrah Chlita, from Aix-les-Bains. Before each departure, our Machgi'him hide the kitchens, exclusively reserved for DAVID CRUISE. New porcelain tableware is purchased on each new cruise! You will be able to savor our gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine while respecting the halachic requirements of Chalov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, and Bishoul Yisroel.


How is Jewish life going with DAVID CRUISE?

Daily services are performed in our synagogue with our Sefer Torah. A shiourim program is offered by our different Rabbanim. Our Shabbat is organized in the pure tradition, in an atmosphere of Oneg Shabbat, embellished with carefully prepared dishes, including a Dafina, dear to our customers!

Everything is in place to have an unforgettable Shabbat.


What is the recipe for success for DAVID CRUISE?

The quality of our service, thanks to our experience, 10 years of cruise line including 6 years in Kosher.

We are the precursors of this product on the French and Israeli market.

The close relationship we have with the Costa Group undeniably contributes to our success.

With around 50 cruises, we have acquired a great deal of expertise and satisfied more than 5,000 customers.

Our satisfaction rate is over 95%!


Does DAVID CRUISE organize events?

Absolutely ! We have already organized a memorable Bar Mitzvah.

We can technically organize all types of events: wedding, Bar / Bat-Mitzvah, seminars ...

We organized a magnificent cruise in the Adriatic in partnership with Torah-Box.


Who is DAVID CRUISE's main clientele?

It is mainly made up of French people, Israelis, and Americans, from the traditionalist to the 'Haredi.

More and more families are traveling as well as young couples on their honeymoon.

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