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The destinations of our kosher cruises

Enjoy the magic of Cruises

David Cruise invites you to sail the seas of the world.


Live unforgettable experiences, everythinginpreserving your Judaism with its private Restaurantstar Glatt Caseher, supervised by her Chef, and his Synagogue. 


Let yourself do it! David Cruise offers you the possibility ofdiscover every day a new country or city, without asking any questions.  


Experience exceptional moments as close as possible to nature, in the heart of virgin places and sites combining dreams and authenticity. 

A  incredible feeling of freedom awaits you in front of this Divine expanse of water.

Go for spectacular routes, breathtaking landscapes and incredible places, treat yourself to a Mediterranean kosher cruise with DAVID CRUISEFrom now on, it's up to you to choose your destination, the cities to explore and the experiences to live on board.Discover landscapes and cities as different as they are surprising in France, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Sicily and Italy. Enjoy your vacation and let yourself be seduced by an unforgettable journey.

Sail with DAVID CRUISE at the discovery of the Adriatic Sea aboard our kosher cruise, unique for the poetry of its landscape, the harsh and gentle beauty of its hinterland, the charm of its towns rich in history and traditions.The Adriaticis a journey through history and legends, from Italy to Greece via the Dalmatian coasts of Croatia and Montenegro. An intense history, when you consider that these waters were for more than a thousand years the scene of Venetian dominating power

A place where history and mythology intertwine, the kosher cruise in the Greek Islands with DAVID CRUISE  gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty, wonders, history and modern diversity of this spectacular country. with some of the most beautiful islands: Mykonos and she beaches, the bays of Corfu, passing through Santorini, the southernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. You will discover a deep blue sea, with volcanic rocks and overhung by breathtaking cliffs. 

If you think of a trip worthy of a fairy tale, the kosher cruises in northern Europe DAVID CRUISE will satisfy you.
Dive into the NORWAY FJORDS, let yourself be seduced by their contrasts made of majestic mountains, deep glacial lakes and pretty Scandinavian villages.

With DAVID CRUISE, a kosher cruise in the West Indies and the Caribbean Sea is ideal for discovering paradisiacal islands and dazzling natural landscapes. Turquoise sea and white sand beaches, transparent seabed and coral reef, we will sail in the footsteps of the pirates of the Caribbean. Discover some of the most extraordinary pearls of the Antilles archipelago:Antigua , Barbados , Tortola, Grenade , the Guadeloupe , Saint-Martin...

The kosher cruises in south America with DAVID CRUISE are itineraries that will take you far, to discover very different cultures, stories, landscapes that will win you over, each in their own way.

Verdant territories covered with forests from Brazil tobeaches mythical of Copacabana, typical neighborhoods of cosmopolitan cities like Buenos Aires or Montevideo. An experience to live at least once in your life.

The kosher cruises to Dubai and Emirates with DAVID CRUISE are the best way to experience the exotic atmosphere of Arabian Nights, countries that have a taste of both ancient and modern, a perfect balance between the contemporaneity of Dubai's stunning architectures and tradition and charm of the desert that surrounds Abu Dhabi. 

An intriguing experience, that of Arab countries, which is difficult to resist.

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