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Costa Safe
Naviguons ensemble

New health protocols, approved by the European authorities, will come into force on board all our Costa ships.

The new modalities provide for a simplification of the anti-COVID-19 measures, due to the improvement of the health situation, which will make it possible to enjoy the cruise vacation experience even more fully, both on board and on land, while maintaining rigorous safety standards.



Antigen Test - 48 Hours before departure. 

All passengers aged 5 years and over must provide a negative antigen test within 48 hours before boarding. On the other hand, children under the age of 5 will not need an antigen test. 

Full/Partial Vaccination Plan. 


All passengers aged 5 and over will be asked to present at boarding a valid original or digital certificate meeting one of the following conditions: 

  • Full vaccination plan (3 doses or 1+1 dose J&J). 

  • Full vaccination plan (2 doses or 1 D&J dose) + cure 

  • Partial vaccination plan (2 doses). 

  • Partial vaccination plan: Recovery + 1 dose and vice versa. 

  • Partial vaccination plan: Recovery. 


Boarding in Istanbul: non-vaccinated passengers, from 12 years old, will not be able to board. 

Boarding in Emirates: passengers with a partial vaccination schedule, from the age of 12, will not be able to board.

Online check-in:

10 days before boarding, it will be possible to check-in online and complete your health questionnaire. 

During online check-in, passengers must certify:

- that they have not tested positive for Covid-19 in the 7 days prior to departure

- that they have not shown symptoms of Covid-19 or any other infectious disease in the 7 days prior to departure

- that they have not been in close contact with suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the 5 days prior to departure

- that they are vaccinated against Covid-19 according to the requirements of each destination


If the above conditions are not met, the customer will not be able to proceed with online check-in and it will not be possible to authorize the boarding.

Covid/Travel Cancellation Insurance. 


Covid insurance is no longer mandatory to be able to board.

However, we advise you to add it to your reservation for more security (Costa Relax 22€/person). 


It is strongly recommended that you take out travel cancellation insurance for peace of mind. 

Thank you & Bon Voyage. 

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