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On the way to incredible adventures ...

The DAVID CRUISE company is the result of the meeting between Levi Itshak Ifrah and David Braka.

For the record, in 2010, Lévi Itshak created the company MyCroisière, specialized in the sale of cruises.

In 2015, he created the company Kosher Sea to respond to the proposal of the CEO of Costa France who had informed him of a growing demand from the practicing Jewish community

for kosher cruises.

Seeing this opportunity, he embarked on this fabulous adventure of kosher cruises!

In December 2018, David met Levi Itshak and reserved for him a Caribbean cruise.

A week later, David and his wife embarked in Miami for an 11-day cruise ...

They returned from this cruise enchanted and amazed by this new concept of kosher travel.

From this trip, a sincere friendship between the two men was created and gave birth to the creation of DAVID CRUISE company.

To date, more than 40 cruises have been carried out and have satisfied more than 6,000 customers.


Our desire is to democratize, in the Jewish community, this concept of high quality travel and make it as accessible as possible.

Our goal is the happiness of our customers by doing everything possible to ensure an irreproachable service in order to provide them with memorable memories. 'בעזרת ה

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